Neopets NFT Update: Yikes! 😤

The epic saga continues, with Neopets continuing to ruin any nostalgic goodwill
Keith Kurson
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Neopets... NFTs...

The end of days are here.

Seventeen years of Subeta!

I know I promised a three part series on Subeta, and have delivered one part, but I'm just waiting for Subeta to be the oldest social media site left. now rounder & with more links

Rounder fonts, more bubble shapes, and that cute bubbly octopus still spins.

Paving the way for micro transactions

Part one in a series about building Subeta, an early virtual pet game I made as a teenager. Subeta was also one of the first pioneers of what is now called micro-transactions, but to me it was just getting quarters in the mail to pay for something I loved making.

Fresh & New

Yup, I spent a few nights rewriting my personal site...

Goodbye Facebook

Moving off facebook, fixing social connections. I've got a lot of logins to replace, but hopefully I can become a more engaged friend.