Seventeen years of Subeta! 🥲

I know I promised a three part series on Subeta, and have delivered one part, but I'm just waiting for Subeta to be the oldest social media site left.
Keith Kurson
Keith Kurson

All Posts now rounder & with more links

Rounder fonts, more bubble shapes, and that cute bubbly octopus still spins.

Paving the way for micro transactions

Part one in a series about building Subeta, an early virtual pet game I made as a teenager. Subeta was also one of the first pioneers of what is now called micro-transactions, but to me it was just getting quarters in the mail to pay for something I loved making.

Fresh & New

Yup, I spent a few nights rewriting my personal site...

Goodbye Facebook

Moving off facebook, fixing social connections. I've got a lot of logins to replace, but hopefully I can become a more engaged friend.