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Keith Kurson

  • I tweet (doomscroll) too much.
  • I spend a lot of time deep in simulation games, like Crusader Kings 👑
  • I'm a Staff Engineer at Glitch. I created the design system that we use to build tools for other developers. It's been eye opening working on a product that I use every day, and would use even if I didn't work there.
  • I'm the biggest Britney Spears fan you'll ever meet. Test me.
  • I worked at Nava PBC, as the engineering lead on the healthcare.gov and integrated benefits teams. I led a new version of healthcare.gov, and helped launch a program to increase access to programs in Vermont. During the trump administration. The hardest two years of my life, but some of the most rewarding.
  • I was a Code for America fellow in 2016, working with the City of New York as a full stack engineer which is what inspired me to move into government work.
  • I buy every new generation of pokémon game, but never finish them.
  • I created the online game Subeta when I was 14, and scaled it to 30 employees and millions of users. It's always been a safe space for LGBTQ folks online, especially young people. I've got emails from people who've come out or met their partners on Subeta. It's still kicking there on it's little quiet part of the internet.