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Eurovision 2024 Microsite

I’ve been saying things like “you should have a website” and “you should build more”… and now I’m trying to follow that advice. I built a small Eurovision 2024 microsite here. It’s available on github!

It contains two pieces, the site itself and a small tool for scraping the data from the Eurovision site.

The site itself is built with Eleventy, with all of the countries listed out with separate json files. The styling is very basic CSS from open props.

The winner of this years Eurovision was Nemo with The Code, which turned out to be one of my favorite entries after seeing the staging and the pure amount of work put into the performance. Give it a watch, Nemo is singing, rapping and some kind of OPERA (!!) while holding themselves on a spinning platform. This performance is the one I saw live, and it was just… breathtaking.

I wanted to do more with it like make it a remixable glitch site, but I’ll be entirely honest, this years Eurovision was a mess. From fake applause tracks covering boos, to the very very popular Dutch entry being kicked out… it was a mess.

If I had worked on this more, I’d have:

  • Created a remixable verison on Glitch, so that anyone could create their top 5 and share them out
  • Added a section for scores after the show, after seeing them all live and on TV. My opinion changed a lot!

Me in the Eurovision Village

This is the first year that I’ve attended a protest at Eurovision, with tens of thousands of people outside of the venue protesting the Israeli entry (and her backstage antics).

Me in the Eurovision Village

Me in the Eurovision Village