ğŸŒž Live in beautiful, sunny, Oakland CA.

🖥 Staff engineer at Glitch, leading the product engineering org. I do things like design systems, architectural diagrams, asking for accessibility changes and adding "🚢" to PRs.

💓 Was an engineering lead at NavaPBC, leading and managing the team building the next generation of healthcare.gov and integrated benefits.

🐛 Previously to that, I was an engineering fellow at Code for America, working with the Mayor's office of New York to create equal opportunity to accessing services in the city. This is the job that inspired me to work in government further 😍

ğŸŽ¶ I listen to a lot of pop music. Before corona, I was making the yearly trip to the Eurovision Song Contest and tracking all of the entries in spreadsheets months leading up to it. I just love really cheesy, bad, pop music.

🤘 I'm a "gamer". I love turn based games and strategy games like Crusader Kings. I buy every new pokemon game, and haven't finished one in 3-4 generations.

🤌 I love to travel. I spent a year traveling Europe with my best friend, staying in a different city every week and a different country every month. I still travel a lot, but looking back on trips like that from my youth makes me feel exhausted 💤.

🐶 I had a brief moment of online fame in my teenage years, creating and running Subeta, a virtual pet site similar to Neopets. It's been a safe place for LGTBQ+ folks for over 15 years, and I'm still involved (annoy everyone with 'context' emails) sometimes.