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How to Information at Work

How to listen and process information at work, leading to stronger relationships and less checkins

Eurovision 2024 Microsite

Trying to take the time to build more websites, even for small things. Wanted to do more with this one, but, Eurovision was a mess lol

Writing a CLI tool for fun

Removing one of many excuses I usually have for starting a blog post

Building with Eleventy

Re(re-re) building my personal site with Eleventy and web components

Souring on Arc Browser

In a world saturated with information, the ability to discern credible sources and retain control over our online experiences is more crucial than ever.

You should blog

I miss the internet where everything wasn't fed to me in an 'for you' page. I hope you'll all join me on being a little less self conscious about what I put on the internet in 2024.

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