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You should blog

By Keith Kurson

I’m going into 2024 wanting to write more. Link to more of my favorite parts of the internet. Become a curator again.

Some advice if you’re starting a blog for the first time (or it’s been awhile):

  1. Share your thoughts on whatever. You’re a blogger, not an opinion columnist in the washington post.
  2. Change your mind! Write about why you changed your mind!
  3. Write however you want. Run-on sentences. Weird grammar. Write in limericks, sonnets, or haikus – defy the grammar cops.

Don’t know where to get started? Don’t have the ability to write your own blog software (don’t do it!) or self host wordpress? Here are some options to get started today, including a few options with free plans:

If you do end up starting a blog, or picking up something you left off 7 years ago - send me the URL so I can subscribe 💖