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How HLS Works

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is basically just a bunch of text files in a trench coat pointing at a handful of itty-bitty seconds-long video files

Enhancing The New York Times Web Performance with React 18

How upgrading to React 18 energized The New York Times website – and how we tackled some of the challenges we faced along the way.


Simple, powerful, free tools to create and use millions of apps.

Link Roundup: 5/31

Milk taking over schools, and how to get to Inbox Ten

I’m the Child of a Facetune Mom | Allure

Similar to almond moms, a new generation of covert body-shaming parenting has emerged in the form of Facetune moms. Here, three daughters of Facetune moms reveal the impacts of having their likeness digitally altered over and over again.

Beachgoers amazed by large washed-up spider crab in north Wales

A couple say they were "fascinated" to find an "extremely big" crab on a north Wales beach.

Getting buy-in to get things done | nicole@web

Delegating gets easier when you get better at explaining your ideas

Many managers suck at explaining things, then complain that other people don’t understand. Here’s how to explain a project when you delegate.

Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout | WebKit

Oh the Humanity

On the failure of Humane and why you can't build Apple with Venture Capital.

tree-shaking, the horticulturally misguided algorithm — wingolog


A web-based design tool to generate unique SVG design assets for websites, social media, blog posts, desktop and mobile wallpapers, posters, and more! Our generators let you discover, customize, randomize, and export generative SVG design assets ready to use with your favorite design tools.

CSS Generators: Custom Borders

Create a Zig-Zag, Rounded and Wavy borders using only CSS

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