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Keith Kurson
Keith Kurson

Like all of us in the pandemic, my website has gotten a little rounder. I've also done the absolute minimum and added a RSS feed (link in footer ✨) and switched out heading fonts for the beautiful GT Maru.

My post Making the way for micro-transactions was a hit. I even made it into today in tabs, my favorite newsletter 😍. SO now I'm working on a series of posts about Subeta with the next being focused on community building. I'm honestly terrified to be a blogger, so I've added a links page, where I'll be posting a daily list of links that are generally the things I send to the group chat (or my boyfriend, who would like me to stop). It's a grab bag that I expect no one to read (included in the RSS feed!!). It's not a blog, it's a link list. It's not a blog.

Today's post has the day's javascript drama and my first pair of crocs.

The todo list in my first post here is getting checked off quickly! My next major todos:

  • Way to embed tweets that doesn't require having the twitter JS on pages to prevent jump action
  • Get that new RSS feed to sort things by date...

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