Some personal news...

The news is out! I'm joining Fastly as an engineering manager, where I'll continue leading engineering for Glitch. I'm very excited for the future, and what we'll be able to do with all of the resources and experience that Fastly has.

I'm onboarding this week, making space in my brain for going from a small company to one with over 1,000 coworkers. Then I'm going on a three month sabbatical, where I'll rest, garden, and prepare for building the next generation of ~dev tools~ ✨ . That's why it's personal news 😉.

I'm writing a larger piece on my learnings from Glitch (there were a lot of learnings), a little bit about the union, and what I'm excited for in the next year. That'll be soon (I have to get some 👀 on it to make sure I'm not being too spicy, or not spicy enough 🌶️), but for now, just know that I'm excited 💖