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Fresh & New
Keith Kurson
Keith Kurson

New house, new!

We moved to Oakland, CA a few months ago. The move from San Francisco was painless, the movers were incredible, and we're mostly moved in. It's been wild going from a one bedroom apartment with no outdoor space to having my own room for an office, and a backyard. I feel 🙏🏼 blessed to be able to live in a house like this, and hope I can start adding value to the community around me. We've been trying to meet all of our neighbors (hard to do right now!!) and I've started a monthly donation to The Oaklandside.

That cover image is from my partners new office, but the plants (and vibes imo) are brought to you by moi. I've been doing a ton of gardening and befriending neighborhood cats over the last few months, and am exciting to write a little more about it here.

The old personal site had a good run, but was built on a stack I didn't really understand. A google copy/paste mashup of Gastby, theme-ui, tailwind (multiple versions???) and a bunch of components I made to run in MDX, but then ended up not using. Conceptually I understand graphQL.... in the gatsby universe I did not understand the need.

The straw that broke the camels back was my recently purchased Mac Mini (M1) not being able to run gatsby, and after waiting a few weeks for it to get fixed (I'm very appreciative for open source software and know that it's hard!!) I decided to move on.

This blog is using NextJS, a stack that I'm pretty familiar with. Right now I just have a _posts folder with my markdown posts, but could easily switch to a CRM in the future. Everything is just tsx & markdown making it easy to flee to another framework if I need to.

I've got a few todo items to get done over the course of this weekend ğŸ¤žğŸ¼:

  • 🤓 Get RSS set up for posts
  • 📓 Be able to add margin notes lol
  • 🏃🏼‍♂️ Move over the posts from the old blog and set them to some kind of archived mode
  • 👨🏼‍💻 Create a /snippets page, that I can easily list out snippets that I use day-to-day and have a feed & search for
  • ❓ Write more programming content? idk.

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