DALL·E open to all

Image prompt: an astronaut discovering a new blue planet in a synthwave style

The DALL·E waiting list has been removed, and you can sign up for free now (for up to 50 image generations a day).

If you're unfamiliar, DALL-E was announced as part of OpenAI and was the first in the consumer focused text-to-image generators. I've found it to be easier to use, and much better at generating images, than the competition that has come out over the last few months.

Tips for prompts

Your imagination is literally the limit, so be as specific as you can with what you're looking for. The image above was generated with the prompt "an astronaut discovering a new blue planet in a synthwave style".

The term synthwave style is important, and determines what the final image is going to show up like. Here are a few more examples using the idea of a 'style':


If you have a favorite artist, you can include that as a prompt. Here I've used Jackson Pollock, and while I wouldn't say any of these would be confused for a Pollock piece, you can see where the idea is coming from.


Using keywords like "surrealist" will... do exactly what you're looking for.


And I love adding minimalism as an example just because it's so different from the rest of the generations, but it's still an astronaut discovering a new blue planet.

Common "cheat codes"

Sometimes it's hard to get what you're looking for, because DALL·E is focused on creating something lifelike. This happens the most when I'm trying to do something with animals.

I've found adding the word "digital" forces it to avoid trying to render as a real life animal and just make something... digital.


racoon detective (weird and lifelike)


digital image cute emoji racoon detective

Just have fun

I've started writing notes to myself for things I should try to create (or recreate) in DALL·E for fun, and recommend that you do the same. Generate your lunch ("Burrito with chicken and black beans") in the style of Frida Kahlo! Make your favorite Disney character in the style of David Lachapelle.