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Me with Jar Jar in a New Zealand toy meuseum

Farewell 2023

By Keith Kurson

2023 felt like five years rolled in to one. As I’ve been putting this list together, and enjoying the ones that all of you have made, I’ve been saying out loud “that was this year??? fuck.” over and over. In 2023 I honestly didn’t accomplish nearly as much I’d hoped at this point in 2022, and that is okay. I’m going into 2024 confident that I’ll make the changes and do the thing (ANGELA BASSETT DID THE THING WAS THIS! YEAR!!??)

This is my list of things in 2023 that brought me joy, or comfort. They might not have come out in 2023, but this is the year that I experienced them.


Favorite New Shows


New To Me

The Internet

I spend a lot of time on the internet. This year saw the complete destruction of one of sites that I’ve poured the most into over the last ten years, Twitter. People like Ryan Broderick at Garbage Time have done a way better job of writing about the state of the internet. Just at the end of the year, my boss Anil Dash wrote his first piece for the Rolling Stones titled ”The Internet is About to Get Weird Again” and I really hope so 🙏


One Thousand and One
Past Lives
Joy Ride

Eurovision 2023 Revisited

Not my favorite year, honestly! Looking back at my predictions I wasn’t that far off. None of the songs from 2023 have made it into regular rotation in my playlists. Sometimes I’ll put on CHA CHA CHA and Loreen will sneak in with Tattoo instead of Euphoria.

I will be ATTENDING 2024 IN PERSON 🎉 for a few of the shows, and will have a listing up for my favorites as soon as I’ve got favorites.


This was not my best music year, and one of my resolutions for 2024 is to listen to more new artists. Artists that are completely new to me, and maybe some where I’ve seen the name and heard a song, but never sat down to listen.

One thing I did do this year was listen to a lot of Caroline Polachek.

Caroline Polachek


I had a goal of 50 books read, and didn’t quite make it this year (39). In 2022 my goal was 50 and I overshot to 54, so I was hoping a magical year end push would get me there. I’m going to try again in 2024, with a focus on non-fiction to round out my general knowledge.

Some of my favorite books I read in 2023:

The Spear Cuts Through Water
Infinity Gate
1177 b.c. The Year Civilization Collapsed
A Fever in the Heartland