Week of 7/24/23

I missed a week, but it's fine. I'm still doing it. It'll become a habit. 💀

  • Went to New York City for a team onsite, with the rest of the 🎏 Glitch team. It was the first time we've seen each other in person all together in years, and felt really nice! We were joined by some of our coworkers on the Developer Relations team, and finally getting to meet them was 💖
City street in NYC, with trash everywhere. So much trash.
  • Saw the BRITNEY SPEARS musical "Once Upon a One More Time". I've been a Britney stan since childhood (please don't ask me how I feel about her instagram) and getting to listen to banger after banger was worth every penny. If I'd been in the city for longer, I would have gone a second time! YOU SHOULD GO. NOW.
Me and a friend posing in an instagram box that says "STRONGER" The required photo of me holding my playbill up to the stage.
  • Playing around with TinaCMS, that adds a layer over mdx files and keeps them synced in git. It's the perfect combination so far, with the metadata getting pulled out into input fields with a really simple WYSIWYG editor. I can write directly in the mdx files, or in the editor. It's pretty nice!
Screenshot of the TinaCMS system