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moving to oakland!

Personal CRM Update

2021 February 9th

I finally deleted my Facebook and have been moving contacts to Monica. It took a lot longer than I anticipated because... I

This is going to be particularly useful because WE ARE MOVING TO OAKLAND 😍. We bought a house in Oakland and are moving this weekend 🚚! I promise to write something about / have pictures that once we're moving in and the fear of the house exploding is behind us.

We’re moving to a new city (just a bridge away) but having an existing network of friends to tap to is going to be really important, especially after vaccinations start rolling and I have to learn to be social outside of my house again.

When I last posted about Monica, my todo list included an item for moving five friends from Facebook (or elsewhere) into Monica a day. That proved to be very ambitious 🥲 so instead I’ve been moving people in as I find them.

Screenshot of Monica interface Josh Torres, the first friend that comes up for the east bay 😍

Now that I’ve got friends moved into monica, it’s a search by location to see which friends I’ve already got in the east bay. As I think of people who I haven’t put in yet, or people who reach out when I post about moving in my IG, I can add them and tag them appropriately.

I've been struggling with eaching out to friends (as you can see from the tweet above) and a great conversation starter tip from my friend @adamline is to just message people asking for their birthday. I've got to fill in that information anyway, and it's a great way to kick off a new chat.

This makes the next step really easy: emailing each of them and asking them for their favorite spots in their neighborhoods, what I should check out solo, and what I should wait to check out with them.