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End of Year

2020 December 22nd

Well, it's the end of what has been a very, very long year. When I started this website at the start of 2020 it seemed like the year was about to unfold out in front of me. Untold success in my career, purchase a home, maybe move!

None of that happened this year. I'm fortunate, I still have my job and am excited about 2021 there. So today I made good on that premise, and got creative around the site. I added two new pages:


Have a space to thank the people around me who keep me going.


I've been a terrible blogger. I hope adding a section where I can just toss up a weird animation will make posting easier for me.

Little touches

Gradient Button???

You can see those icons and animations as a variable font (alongside a very cool retroish font) at whirlybirdie. I'm still figuring out what the style or feeling of this place is going to be, so bare with me as it changes constantly. Already I noticed this button component made it in at some point with Josh Comeau's Boop animation. I want to fix these up and maybe write and article or two about it.

End of year project

The one project I want to try to accomplish on here by the end of the year is a way to show off some end-of-year lists. I've listened to a lot of music this year. I want to be able to display my favorites and if I shoot for the moon, let other people create lists.