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Voting Spreadsheet

2020 October 13th

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Every election I like to do a lot of research before making a decision. I enjoy being the friend you can go to that'll tell you who is funding a proposition and what the pro/con sides say.

I plan a(t least one) ballot party and invite my friends to choose a prop on the ballot that excites them to learn about. Last year (remember hanging out in person??) I went to two* drag bunch + ballot parties. This year I'll be on zoom ranting about Prop 22 but want to use this space to write about the other propositions I'm interested in.

We have 10 propositions in SF and 12 in California and most of them 💤 boring, but there are a couple with disagreements across the endorsements I track.

Work in progress

I'm still writing these and might spin them off into a separate post.

Prop H: Small Biz Permitting Overhaul

This one has the left split. The tenants union, SFBG, Berniecrats and Pissed Off Voter Guide on no, with a yes from the rest of the group (including the SFGOP and Chamber of Commerce).

From the Pissed Off Voter Guide:

This is a 90-page amendment to the Planning Code that affects more than two dozen neighborhood commercial shopping streets. It was put on the ballot directly by the mayor and there has never been a public hearing on its contents, either before the supervisors or the Planning Commission. Among many bizarre provisions, it allows commercial uses on the second and third floor in mixed-use shopping districts, allowing for the displacement of residential.

But the key is that it allows these changes to occur without any public hearing. Mayor Breed’s passion for deregulation of land uses, giving full power to bureaucrats and developers. It needs to be defeated then subjected to public hearing before the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission and amended.