Week Of 7/10/23

  • Trying to keep writing weekly blogs forces me to look at this site more than once a year. So I've had to make some improvements:
    • Figured out why the way I'm loading MDX is bad. Have not changed the way that I'm loading MDX, which requires a disk lookup on every refresh. I'll add some caching mechanism to the remix loader once I figure out how 😰
    • Made a highlighter animation when you hover over links. I think it's pretty cool and does not look great in dark mode. Going to keep tweaking, might make a little post.
  • Blew through the entire "I love the 90s" in a week. This is my boyfriends first time watching (I watched it air weekly in 2005) and it's wild to see what was funny in 2005, I'd say about half of the segments could not be created today (and are cringe). "Dudes we'd date if we were gay", "Ben Steins Top Hip Hot Hits", it's mostly all bad.
  • The new Final Fantasy game is not for me. I've spent too much of my life watching things like I Love the 90s that I can't focus through all of the cut scenes. Every time (every 5 minutes of gameplay) there is a cutscene, I look at my phone and then I have no idea what is going on. The main character is hot 🥵 but unfortunately, not hot enough to keep me paying attention to the (hilarious) FF dialog.
  • Saw Joy Ride, it was SO FUNNY. I saw it at the New Parkway theatre in Oakland, which is a movie theatre that has couches (and vintage chairs, loveseats, beanbags and more) and beer 🍺
  • Have had a lot of Stellar Jay's in the backyard this week. One of them has learned how to mimic a hawk call (????)