Week Of 07/07/23

  • Week two of these posts. You can find week one here. It feels nice to write this during the week, I've got a running note in my tana. Next week going to try and curate a list of links I enjoy through the week categorized like Casey Newton does in Platformer.
  • The Fourth of July happened. We had a small BBQ in the backyard with friends. It doesn't feel like I have anything to celebrate in the US, but I'm glad to have friends to celebrate with. Coming back to work on Wednesday was very hard 🥵
Absolutely adorable puppy enjoying the 4th of JulyCHEEEESEEEEE BOARD
  • Meta launched threads. I'm @keithk. It took me 38 posts to get to something from someone I follow, so I don't think it's the social network for me.
  • Booked tickets for Barbie + Oppenheimer double feature 💥
  • Met Danica Roem at a fundraiser, she's running for state senate in VA, after her house district got split into three districts. She was so passionate about regular people issues (traffic circles, bike infrastructure, school lunches). She's a huge fan of metal, and sat on stage air drumming between selfie requests.
  • Started reading a new book by Justin Cronin, The Ferryman. I'm only a little bit in, not sure if I like it yet.
  • Finished BEEF??? This is why I'm always nice to crows.