🙂Hey there! I'm trying to write more often, and these daily link lists help in two ways: Get something, anything written down and my boyfriend stops complaining about the 40 links I send him through the day. You can find the whole list here.

Javascript devs are fighting!

The Babel project posted a new blog post this morning outlining their funding and outlook. This lead to a response from the creator of Babel alleging the funds had been misallocated and the whole javascript community gave Henry a performance review on twitter 🙃. All this does is solidify that I don't think I'd ever contribute code to an open source project the size of Babel.

Note The above tweet was deleted by Sebastian after I hit publish 🥲, with an apology:


I honestly wish I had never seen this trailer. Why did they make this movie. Who is this movie for??? I don't understand any of it, and honestly if I still worked in games and someone made a movie about a genius 14 year old kid that saves his families gaming company I would lose it.

Office for you, not for me

Instacart tells entry-level team to return to office, senior managers can stay home

Following up on my first link list, they're now just saying the quiet part out loud. The central operations team, which contains new recruits & people new to the tech industry, all have to go into the office.

Stop taking the gross food shitposting seriously

It’s also fake as hell. The food is real—the white Plant Lady really is wasting all of that pasta—but the video is not genuine. As Eater reported just today (as I was writing this, conveniently enough!), all of these videos with blandly attractive, thin, white women can be traced back to a magician who has the audacity to be named “Rick Lax.” Lax described the production of the videos as “both friendship and business,” and told Eater he would “object” to anyone calling the recipes “gross.”

I am just trying to find the best keywords to mute all these ~ quirky hacks ~ that I know are making someone, somewhere, money for me being deeply disturbed.


I bought my first pair of crocs to wear while gardening. I'm stoked.

I hate the sea