🙂Hey there! I'm trying to write more often, and these daily link lists help in two ways: Get something, anything written down and my boyfriend stops complaining about the 40 links I send him through the day. You can find the whole list here.

Everything is cancel culture!

If you're accused of a crime or anything bad in 2021, it's because of cancel culture. There isn't any other reason. If your horse tests positive for a drug, it's because of cancel culture. The last two episodes of my favorite podcast You're Wrong About has been about cancel culture, and is an infuriating listen.

Except, wait! Uncanceled? Self canceled?

How have you gone off the rails during quarantine

Gwyneth Paltrow said she drank alcohol, made pasta and ate bread during quarantine: “I went totally off the rails.”

I think the time I looked at a full moon over Dolores Park and wondered if I could will it to come crashing down into the earth was a low point.

Shutdown of Portland online banker Simple is a mess; clients lost access to their money

I was one of the first Simple customers, and loved it, until they screwed up deposits over a weekend and the debit cards stopped working, the same weekend that rent / credit card balance payments were being withdrawn from my account. That led to overage charges from each of those providers 🙃 They apologized and paid me for the fees, but I moved my money and updated my direct deposit ASAP. Banks, you have one job!!!