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I'm writing a link list daily (or trying) to feel something, anything. These are typically texts I've sent to my boyfriend, who has politely asked me to stop sending him 25 links during meetings. You can find the full list here.

Do you feel like you've been suffering from "burnout" for the last two years? I do! Ed Zitron wrote an excellent piece titled The Burnout Conversation Is A Corporate Tool To Turn Your Suffering Into Marketing.

If you are a company that cannot work out why people are burned out, let me simplify it for you: burnout is caused by working with seemingly no end. It is a form of exhaustion. It is not, at its core, a mental health issue - it is an issue with being overloaded and having no respite from said overload, and trying to solve it by offering “mental health” and “wellness” and “meditation” stuff is disingenuous.

Every time I’ve felt burnout, it’s come from a place of overload, with the worst of it coming from a place of despair. It’s not simply that there is too much work, but that there is no end in sight, and that you are being torn down from all directions and there’s nothing you can do. The helplessness of burnout is why I find these instructional “how to deal with burnout” articles so sickening - because burnout may be the worker’s problem, but it is 99% of the time not a problem that the worker caused. Another multiplier is when the compensation they’re given isn’t significant enough to make the juice feel worth the squeeze - a thing you rarely see discussed.

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