🙂Hey there! I'm trying to write more often, and these daily link lists help in two ways: Get something, anything written down and my boyfriend stops complaining about the 40 links I send him through the day. You can find the whole list here.

Katy Perry - Electric

Katy Perry has a new music video where her and Pikachu travel through time to help a young Katherine sing her heart out at summer camp. It's cute and very Katy Perry.

Buzzfeed found Biden's public venmo

Why. Why is the public feed a feature on venmo. why.

Twitter is adding the first new feature to bookmarks

I read a lot of twitter. I like posts to say "i've this content you've put on the internet", not to save for later. I would love for my bookmarks to be that place, but you can't sort them and it's a nightmare. Not forever, though!!