Daily Links

I'm writing a link list daily (or trying) to feel something, anything. These are typically texts I've sent to my boyfriend, who has politely asked me to stop sending him 25 links during meetings. You can find the full list here.

Katy Perry - Electric

Katy Perry has a new music video where her and Pikachu travel through time to help a young Katherine sing her heart out at summer camp. It's cute and very Katy Perry.

Buzzfeed found Biden's public venmo

Why. Why is the public feed a feature on venmo. why.

Twitter is adding the first new feature to bookmarks

I read a lot of twitter. I like posts to say "i've this content you've put on the internet", not to save for later. I would love for my bookmarks to be that place, but you can't sort them and it's a nightmare. Not forever, though!!