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2020 June 1st

🍰 31

Well I guess I'm launching this before it's ready 🙃!

I'm turning 31 today, and the world is burning around me. I spent the first ten weeks of COVID volunteering on a tool for cities to respond to the needs of homebound and elderly. It felt good to be able to use my skills to respond to the awful things happening, and it was only a number of weeks before the inequality and inequity of America was exposed again with the killing of an unarmed black man named George Floyd.

My birthday marks the start of Pride Month, usually a cause for celebration and reflection on the struggle that LGBTQ people have faced in the fight for equality. It's always a time to raise the voices of Black activists who have always been at the front of the fight, especially Black Trans activists.

This June, I'll be donating to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, which works to get our LGBTQ brothers and sisters out of jail. I use the words brothers and sisters because being LGBTQ means that you have a built in chosen family, of folks who have fought and hurt together. We all deserve to be free. I'll also be watching for local bail funds around the country.

I'm going to be collecting my thoughts into a post with all of the resources that I'm following, the books that I'm picking up to inform and educate myself, and the black leaders that I'm looking to and whose voices I am trying to amplify.

To start, I'm going to use the platforms that I have. I still own a small virtual pet site that I built as a teenager. It's a site that attracts a lot of young LGBTQ, and an older crowd of women who identify across the spectrum. I've always been afraid of being too political and have avoided being my full self to protect the staff there against any negative consequences. The time for that is over:

Post about George Floyd on Subeta.net

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