✨ keith is
a web developer 🤷🏼‍♂️

new year new personal website

2020 May 16th

how i feel building this, it is necessary but i do not like it


Welcome to my "blog". This is a WoRk In PrOgReSs! The banner image on my previous 🕸️ website vanished, and I had the option to either find it, recreate it, or just start a brand new site from scratch.

Obviously I had to start from scratch, and learn a new new technology at the same time.

So, welcome. I'm Keith, an engineering lead at Glitch. I make things on the internet, and hope to use this as a forcing mechanism to spend time being more ✨ creative ✨.

Wishlist of things I want to make ✨ cool ✨and write about here

  • ⇨ paragraph headers
  • ⇨ lists?
  • ⇨ that hero image should go across the page and have some gradient or something
  • ⇨ "under construction" for posts that are in progress but public
  • ⇨ projects / things i've worked on that i'm excited about
  • ⇨ page to donate or become a patreon of some of my fav internet folks
  • ⇨ git sync w/ glitch
  • ⇨ some kind of lame pop up animation when you click into a blog post? is that professional? idk